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Terms & Conditions

Business Terms and Conditions

Dated: 18 January 2012





1.1    Bayeux” means Bayeux Limited of 78 Newman Street, W1T 3EP;
1.2    Client” means any company or individual requesting goods and/or services from Bayeux;
1.3    In Writing” means by letter, email or SMS message;
1.4    The Terms” means the terms and conditions described in this document;
1.5    Materials” means digital or physical materials supplied by the Client to Bayeux or created by Bayeux or held on behalf of or at the request of the Client including but not limited to films, negatives and transparencies, duratrans, contact sheets, datacards, digital data and photographic prints;
1.6    Order” means the communication, verbal or in writing, during which the Client asks for and Bayeux agrees to provide services to the Client;
1.7    Sensitive Material” means Material which the Client considers to be of a secret, private and confidential nature;
1.8    Website” means www.bayeux.co.uk.



The Terms

2.1    These terms govern the relationship between the Client and Bayeux and prevail over any written terms of business of the Client.
2.2    These terms constitute the entire Agreement between the Client and Bayeux.
2.3    By placing an order with Bayeux the Client agrees to be bound by the Terms.
2.4    If any of the terms shall be found by a court to be unenforceable that will not affect the remaining terms.
2.5    Should any variation of the Terms be requested by the Client, this variation shall only be valid if placed in writing and signed by a Director of Bayeux.
2.6    Bayeux reserves the right to alter The Terms at any time. It is the Client’s responsibility to be aware of The Terms at all times.



Opening Times

3.1    Bayeux’s premises shall be open from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. It reserves the right to change its opening times without notice.



Placing the Order

4.1    The Client may place the Order in writing or, subject clause 4.2 below, verbally. 
4.2    Verbal Orders will be accepted only on the basis that the risk of misunderstandings arising as to the nature of the instructions and the terms of the Order lie with the Client. The Order will be binding on the Client. Bayeux will not be responsible for errors made in relation to verbal Orders
4.3    Bayeux has the right to assume that the person placing Orders on behalf of the Client is authorised to do so.
4.4    Orders placed by a Client acting on behalf of a third party (whether Bayeux is aware of it or not) are accepted on the basis that the contract is between Bayeux and the Client and that the Client is bound by the Terms and is responsible for all matters relating to the Order and the payment of invoice.
4.5    The selection of paper finish for printing, the cutting of processed film or the choice of storage device for scanned images shall be solely within Bayeux’s discretion unless the Client specifies otherwise when placing the order.
4.6    In the production of prints, Bayeux will use reasonable endeavours to match colour guides supplied by the Client. The Client accepts that a perfect match cannot be guaranteed due to limitations and variations of materials and equipment. In the absence of any Client specification at time of Order, Bayeux will use its sole discretion with regard to density, colour and contrast.
4.7    The taking of clip tests and the making of film balance judgments with regard to density shall be in the sole discretion of Bayeux unless otherwise specified by the Client and shall be undertaken at the Client’s risk.
4.8    All prints will be made using the whole area of the image with such borders as Bayeux shall decide at its sole discretion unless otherwise specified by the Client.
4.9    Bayeux reserves the right to decline to provide services at any time without specifying a reason. 




5.1    Unless collected from Bayeux’s premises by the Client or otherwise requested in writing by the Client, Bayeux will despatch Orders via mail or courier to the Client’s business address or as otherwise directed. Courier and postage costs will be added to the invoice and paid by the Client. A quote under this clause will not be given in advance unless requested by the Client.
5.2    All Orders sent by courier or mail, whether registered or not, are sent at the Client’s risk. Bayeux’s responsibility for the safekeeping of Materials ceases at the moment the Material leaves Bayeux’s premises whether the courier is an employee of Bayeux or not. 



Charges and Payment

6.1    Prices quoted by Bayeux whether verbal or in writing exclude VAT. VAT will be added to all invoices at the rate applicable to the transaction.
6.2    Published prices, in print or online, are subject to alteration without notice.
6.3    An invoice will be issued on collection of the completed Order or sent by email as an attachment. Payment can be made by debit or credit card or electronic bank to bank transfer. Bayeux reserves the right to ask for payment in advance.
6.4    The quotation given to a Client is valid for 30 days provided the scope of the work is not changed.
6.5    Bayeux reserves the right to charge interest of 3% per month on the outstanding balance of overdue accounts.




7.1    Digital data uploaded onto Bayeux’s FTP server is solely at the Client’s risk. The server is not a storage facility. Once data has been used to complete the service to the Client it may be deleted from the server by Bayeux. Bayeux is not responsible for the security of the server, nor for the confidentiality of passwords or access codes relating to any internet services it provides to the Client. 
7.2    Although Bayeux will make reasonable efforts to ensure the security of their FTP server, they cannot be held liable for any breaches that may occur.
7.3    The Client shall be responsible for the confidentiality of any passwords or access codes relating to any Internet services, including FTP. Bayeux will not accept liability for any lost or stolen passwords or for unauthorised access to Client data held on or transferred via any Internet service.



Storage of Materials and Limit of Liability

8.1    Bayeux will take reasonable care of materials supplied by the Client for the purpose of undertaking the Order. It will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of Materials due to causes beyond Bayeux’s reasonable control.
8.2    Bayeux reserves the right to dispose of or destroy Physical Materials which have not been collected from Bayeux within three months of the date of the invoice for the Order to which the Material relates. Bayeux also reserves the right to charge for storage of such Materials thereafter and the right to use off-site storage facilities. A charge may be made for retrieval of Material stored off-site solely at Bayeux’s discretion and ten days notice of collection will be required. Such Materials shall be held by Bayeux entirely at the Client’s risk unless otherwise agreed in writing.
8.3    Digital Materials supplied by the Client or created by Bayeux to fulfil an Order held on its database or at the server referred to in para 7.1 above may be deleted without notice, within one month of the completion of the order, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
8.4    The Client shall retain adequate back-up copies of all Digital Materials delivered to Bayeux
8.5    In the event that Bayeux is found to be or agrees that it is liable for loss or damage to Materials, however caused, its liability shall be limited to the cost of replacing such Materials. Bayeux will not be liable for the costs of reshooting, repairing or re-creating the content of the Material nor for any direct or indirect consequential loss which the Client may suffer.
8.6    Bayeux shall not be liable under any circumstances for delay or damage caused by failure of internet based services or internal computer systems on account of software or hardware breakdown, computer viruses, internet connection problems, software incompatibility or failure of backup systems. All such liability is expressly excluded.
8.7    Nothing in these terms excludes or limits Bayeux’s liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or any other liability to the extent that the same may not be excluded or limited by law.
8.8    Nothing in this agreement shall affect any consumer’s statutory rights.



Intellectual Property Rights

9.1    The Client warrants that it has authority to place the Order and that by performing it Bayeux will not contravene any law or regulatory code or infringe any contractual, intellectual property, moral or other rights belonging to a third party. The materials must not contain any content that is obscene, blasphemous, racist, defamatory or otherwise in contravention of the law.
9.2    The Client agrees to indemnify Bayeux or its Directors, employees or self-employed staff against any such third party claims arising out of or in any way connected to the subject-matter of this agreement including damages, legal and other costs (on a full indemnity basis) and expenses reasonably incurred in dealing with or taking advice on such claims or legal proceedings. It will have sole discretion to deal with and dispose of such claims as it sees fit. 
9.3    Bayeux will be entitled to settle any claims brought against it by a third party in respect of any such infringement or contravention entirely as Bayeux sees fit. If the Client provides Bayeux with an adequately secured undertaking and indemnity Bayeux may, at its sole discretion, permit the client to conduct the litigation on such terms as Bayeux sees fit.




10.1    All Materials provided to Bayeux by the Client for whatever purpose shall be held by Bayeux at the Client’s risk at all times. The Client shall be responsible for insuring such Materials as it sees fit at its own expense.



Privacy and Confidentiality

11.1    Bayeux will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the content of images or related information is kept private. If the Client places an Order which results or may result in the delivery to Bayeux of Sensitive Material it is a fundamental condition of this agreement that the Client notifies Bayeux in writing of the nature of the Sensitive Material at the time when the Order is placed and in any event before the Sensitive Material is delivered.   Bayeux ‘s liability to the Client in the event that Sensitive Material is leaked to the press is expressly excluded.



Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1    The terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine disputes arising out of the terms. It is expressly agreed that the parties irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
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