A drum scan is the most effective way to retain all the integrity of your original film image. It will give you ultimate optical sharpness, full tonal range and complete colour accuracy.

Drum Scans
Up to 80Mb     £55.00
81Mb - 150Mb     £69.00
151Mb - 250Mb     £86.00
251Mb -  350Mb     £110.00

Over 350Mb by negotiation

CCD Scans
Up to 5Mb     £8.00
Up to 25Mb     £20.00
Up to 50Mb     £29.00
Up to 100Mb     £37.00
Flatbed Scans
Up to 50 Mb     £31.00
51Mb to 100 Mb     £46.00
101Mb to 150 Mb     £66.00

Over 150mb by negotiation

All prices exclude VAT.